Sunday Liturgy of the Word

March 21, 2016

Fernando Armellini is an Italian missionary and biblical scholar. With his permission we re-publish his Sunday reflections on the three readings in Italian with Chinese and English Sub-titles. You may choose your preferred sub-title by going into the video settings

XII Sunday – Ordinary Time – Year “C”

God respects the freedom of people. He reveals his greatness and his love by not hindering them when they make mistakes, but making use of their own sin to construct his story of salvation.

XI Sunday – Ordinary Time – Year “C”

X Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) 

The darkness of the night is falling on Naim—it’s in the evening that Israel brings the dead to the cemetery. The darkness that envelops the crowd in mourning, is the symbol of the darkness in which all those who have not yet met the Light of Christ are immersed. They feel helpless in front of death; they hug each other; they are united by a common grief and thought that one day that procession will also take them.




 Body and Blood of Christ (Year C) 

A community that celebrates the rite of the “breaking of bread” in these unworthy conditions eats and drinks—as Paul recalls—his own condemnation (1 Cor 11:28-29). It is a community that turns the sacrament into a lie. It is like a girl who, smiling, accepted from her boyfriend the ring, symbol of an indissoluble bond of love and, at the same time, betrays him with other lovers.

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